Going on a trip in your RV, or taking your boat out on a lake, can be a lot of fun and take your mind off your everyday life. The problem is that most neighborhoods don’t allow RV or boat parking on the street, as these vehicles can take up a lot of space. You could park yours in your driveway, but then it’s left exposed to potential burglars. 

Whether you’re trying to make more room in your driveway or protect your investment during the offseason, our modern facility in Spokane, Washington, is designed for your peace of mind.

We have outdoor and indoor storage for RVs and boats, depending on the facility. Outdoor storage does not protect your vehicle from the weather, but it will keep it safe from potential intruders. We recommend waxing your RV or boat before bringing it in, and getting a cover for it if available. Indoor storage costs a bit more per month but will protect your vehicle from harsh weather, including sunlight, which can damage the paint.

Contact our friendly and professional team today to learn about storage solutions at ABC Mini Storage for your recreational vehicle.