Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I access my storage space?

Our customers have the benefit of extensive opening hours. Most ABC stores are open seven days a week, should you need assistance. Visit our Locations page to learn more. 

What's the minimum time I can store for?

All rental agreements are month-to-month. One month is the minimum, but we sure don't mind if you stay longer. We love our customers!

Where is my nearest store?

We have stores throughout Washington - we're sure there is one convenient for you. Visit our Locations page to learn more.

I'm not sure how to pack everything - can you help?

Make a list of what you intend to store, especially larger or unusual shaped items. Note items that can be folded down or be taken apart to make more space i.e. beds. This will help you get the best possible quote and enough packing materials.

Calculate the value of what you have to store and arrange insurance coverage. This can be done in store and must be taken out prior to moving your goods in.

Label all boxes clearly to help when retrieving goods from your unit and unpacking.

Allow large and heavy items to form the base of the storage room with lighter items at the top.

Use chests of drawers and wardrobes to store boxes and paper work giving you extra room. Position items that you will need frequent access to at the front of the unit.

Cover all furniture with dust sheets and remember to wrap table and chair legs to avoid scratching.

Store heavy items in smaller boxes to make for easy lifting. Store china and breakables in stronger cardboard and plastic boxes packing with bubble wrap or tissue paper.

Make sure that fridges and freezers are fully defrosted to prevent water damage and where possible leave the doors open to allow ventilation. Clean all garden furniture before storing and make sure that your lawnmower is drained of gas.